Cloud and Infrastructure Support

The world has moved to cloud and subscription services, while there continue to be use-cases for on premises platforms. Therefore, a structured approach for determining what, where, and how business services are run is essential for realising long term value.

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Location Considerations

Whether the destination is cloud, hybrid, or on-premises, security, business continuity, and supportability remain core principles and IT Partners have the expertise to help you on the journey.
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Cloud Scenarios

Transforming to ‘the cloud’ can mean SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS. It is important to understand the relative efficiencies of each cloud tier and where the best value can be obtained for your business services.
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Specialist Knowledge

Our team has expertise in traditional and modern platforms, allowing you to execute your growth plans with confidence that your IT systems will be an enabler rather than a constraint.
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Our Services Include:
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Architecture design
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Microsoft Azure infrastructure services (Virtual Desktop and Server platforms)
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Cloud and on-premises infrastructure monitoring and management
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Microsoft identity and access management
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Automation and cost management services

Urban Homes were experiencing rapid growth and faced challenges with an outdated and clunky system that hindered remote work and posed security risks. They required an innovative solution that streamlined business processes.  

IT Partners recommended migrating to Office365 for hosted email and files, ensuring scalability and seamless access to files outside the office. Security concerns were addressed through layered security solutions and workstation upgrades. The transition to Office365 was successful, with minimal downtime and immediate benefits in remote work capabilities.

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No matter where you are on your cloud journey, we are here to help

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