Data Insights

Understanding and leveraging data has become a critical business function. Whether used to understand and improve business process, reduce waste (time, money, materials), or develop a competitive advantage through a new product or service, data and the insights that can be derived from it is the new oil.

“Data Driven companies are 23 times more likely to acquire new customers.”
McKinsey Global Institute

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With Data

Of businesses make better decisions
Improve control of operational processes
Enhance their understanding of customers
Reference: BARC
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Utilising Microsoft 365

Using data to surface insights that inform business decisions has been a key driver of success for IT Partners. We make extensive use of Microsoft Power BI for data examination and visualisation.
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Multi-Data Sourcing

We apply first-hand experience to the establishment and support of data and analytics platforms. We also integrate datasets from other tools, such as Xero and ITSM platforms.
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Turning Insights Into Action

Utilising the Power Platform, we can help you initiate actions from data derived findings. Building automated workflows that support your overarching strategic objectives.
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Are you effectively leveraging your data?

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